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About Us

Shirley Ann’s jellies are family owned and produced by Shirley Ann Cathey and her son Jacob. Shirley was raised in Columbia, South Carolina where her mother taught her to value home cooking from a young age. After relocating to the Arkansas River Valley in Colorado, her passion for great tasting food led Shirley to experiment with homemade jellies. She found it exciting to connect her southern roots with the local produce surrounding her new home. Hence, Shirley Ann’s Specialties came to be. Although our basis of operations is in Denver, Shirley Ann’s Specialties is still produced near the family home.

Initially, her jellies were enjoyed mostly by friends & family. As time went by, Shirley realized that she had everyone hooked on the sweet & spicy flavors. She began to focus on transforming her hobby into her business. By combining different tastes and variations into classic recipes Shirley created her own line of unique jellies. Famous Colorado crops like Rocky Ford Cantaloupes & Palisade Peaches challenged her to put a new spin on some old favorites.

Why do Shirley Ann’s jellies stand out in a crowd? This is largely due to the handmade/small batch production process we employ. This hands-on method allows us incredible control over the flavor, color & texture of each jar. Each flavor has a distinct, individual taste. These are not any old boilerplate pepper jelly recipes. Our flavors range from the sweat it out spice of Peach Habanero to the mild pizzazz of our Raspberry Chipotle. All jellies are gluten free and contain only the finest of natural ingredients.

Many of our customers reminisce as they snack with our signature flavors. Feelings of nostalgia stir memories of their parents/grandparents serving warm pepper jelly with cheese & crackers. We hear countless stories of home, family & childhood remembered when customers taste Shirley Ann’s. We strive to combine this narrative of classic jellies with novel tastes & variations from the culinary talent of Shirley Ann. It’s fresh, it’s exciting & it’s waiting for you to take a taste.

Shirley Ann